Letter from Richard Snook, Founder of Wabi Cycles

Dear Wabi Customers old and new,

My name is Richard Snook. I am the guy who started Wabi Cycles back in 2009 and sold it to the new owners, Curtis and Matt, in May of this year. I wanted to write a short note to my old customers to let them know how much I enjoyed the relationships I had with them, and to let everyone know that the new owners are as committed to the quality of the product and customer service as I was. I had a lot of fun working with everybody. In my seven years of operating the business, I can honestly say I had only one customer that I never wanted to hear from again—not a bad batting average!

I designed the bikes based on my experiences in a cycling career that spans back to 1971, first as a user and then, starting in 1972, as an industry member. I was lucky enough to be introduced to fixed gear riding in 1978, and I loved it enough that I’ve always had a fixed gear around since then.

Fast forward to 2009, and with the improved quality of steel tubing and amazing selection of quality components at reasonable prices that were available, I was able to put a small lineup of Wabi-branded bikes on the market. I’m proud of the fact that, over the years, I have received scores e-mails and phone calls from happy customers, including my very first one!

Yes, it was a business, and it needed to be profitable (at some point…), but I really enjoyed the fact that so many people just loved their Wabi cycles.

Earlier this year, I realized it was time to hang up my spurs and get back to the Right coast to be near family, so my wife and I decided to sell the business—and I can say (with no gun to my head!) that I couldn’t be happier with who I handed my business off to. Curtis and Matt will take good care of you.

Again, thanks for a fun seven years, and I hope you’re still enjoying (or that you will soon be enjoying) your Wabi bicycle!





Richard Snook, Wabi Cycles Founder & Designer

5 thoughts on “Letter from Richard Snook, Founder of Wabi Cycles”

  1. HA,HA,HA Richard; I’m the one customer you don’t want to Hear from Ha Ha ha . (not really). Thanks for putting together such a great fixie for me, and for being such a great vendor. I wish you, and your family the best in your future endeavours. Take care. Dave Pierce Atlantic beach FL

  2. I’m just sorry I didn’t hear about Wabi sooner. But, I am lucky enough to have had the chance to meet Richard and purchase a bike from him about a year before he sold the business. I liked the idea of visiting his shop in L.A. when visiting my family, but I wish him the best and hope to remain a Wabi customer.

  3. Thank you Richard for all your services! Bought my Wabi Classic in 2015 and proudly ride it here in San Francisco. I get many compliments about the bike and will always recommend people to check out Wabi Cycles!

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