Announcing: A new Wabi Classic

In the later part of 2016, Matt and I put our heads together to come up with one more color for the Wabi Classic. We wanted to keep the enormously popular Desert Turquoise and Jet Black colors, but for our next manufacturing run we wanted to add something timeless and “classic.” We considered a green of some sort, since there’s no current green Wabi in any of the models. But ultimately we decided to go with a shade of white, as the “Not Quite White” Richard introduced in 2010 was apparently well-received. We had seen photos of that color online, and we loved it.

Our next step was to pore over the color sample books from our manufacturer in Taiwan. There are a ton of whites out there! We enlisted the help of my wife, Shannon, who has a better sense of color than I do. With Shannon’s help, we narrowed our choices down to a shade that’s much brighter than the old “Not Quite White,” and we decided to call it “Arctic White.” We didn’t have time to get a physical sample in before manufacturing, so the first time we saw the paint in person was a couple of weeks ago, when our shipment came in. We hope you’ll be as excited about this beautiful new color as we are!

As we launch the new color, we’re also launching the ability to more fully customize your Wabi. We have discovered that many people want a Wabi that’s much more personalized, and in recent months we’ve built Wabi bikes with moustache bars, all kinds of cool paint jobs, custom-built wheels, and even belt drives. We love working on these custom builds, and encourage you to get in touch about the Wabi of your dreams.

— Curtis

PS: Take 10% off the new Arctic White (complete bike or frame) on our website through January 31 with code: ARCTICWABI

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